Online educational assessment tools are perfect for teachers

What is an educational assessment software?

An educational assessment software is a computer-based tool; the main purpose of which is teaching or self-learning. Using the software, teachers can create and assign exams to students who can access them on the go from several devices such as laptops, tablets and even smartphones. With educational assessment software, teachers can create exams in various languages, use the automatic grading feature that eliminates the need for manually grading papers and schedule exams as they need.

What’s in it for teachers and educators?

Using educational assessment software, teachers can easily create online quizzes, secure tests and assessments for students. They can take full advantage of advanced options such as online quiz libraries (to select quiz questions from a wide range of educational topics), data security and automated grading that helps in saving a lot of time and effort. Teachers even receive detailed reports and statistics to analyze how their students have performed as well as identify knowledge gaps so they can assist learners accordingly.


5 Reasons Why Teachers Should use Educational Assessment Software
Educational technology is making a huge splash in classrooms from elementary schools to universities. One particular tool that has found a place in possibly all educational settings is the educational assessment software. Here are five reasons teachers should use the online assessments in the classrooms.
It’s easy - To use some educational technologies, it is imperative that users download software and learn them (and some have a pretty steep learning curve too). But this is not true of online educational assessment tools. To use most online exam tools, there is no need for any software installations or download. Just make an account, login and create your test. What’s more, in case you run of out test questions, you can even scout for ready-made test questions on any educational topic using online quiz libraries.
Use several question-types -  Think variety in question-types! You are no longer limited to just multiple choice or true or false questions. The software permits the use of an array of question-styles, including fill-in-the-blank, matching, essay, and more; so teachers are not restricted by technology and can prepare the best material for their students.
Excellent cheating and security controls - Software security is a key concern for teachers. Online educational tools offer high security controlsto maintain academic integrity. With educational assessment tools, you can implement a variety of controls to prevent cheating. Some of these include setting time limits, randomizing the order of questions/answers along with shuffling entire tests by presenting different items from the same test to each student.
Automatic grading - Automatic grading features will both save you time and ensure the accuracy of the test results. The software can grade all types of objective questions such as multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and short answer, leaving only the essays and other subjective types for you.
Anytime, anywhere - Online educational assessment tools provide students with maximum flexibility which means they can attempt tests from anywhere, and at a time convenient to them. Plus, these can also be taken from several devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones and laptops. Teachers can prepare tests online and even administer them to students face-to-face by easily printing the assessment to be taken on paper.
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