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Mrs. Stone's Chapter 4 Review

38 Questions  I  By StoneWorldHistory
Mrs. Stone
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1.  Which kingdom saw itself as the guardians of Egyptian civilization after the Libyans were ousted from Egypt?
2.  He began a series of conquests that led to the creation of the Persian Empire.
3.  Which empire became known for its cruelty to conquered peoples?
4.  Confucianism stressed a strong belief in this.
5.  What great structure was created by forced labor to protect China from attacks by northern nomads?
6.  He established the manufacture and exchange of metal coins within the Persian Empire.
7.  During the reign of Shi Huangdi, hunders of followers of this philosophy were murdered for their beliefs, and their books were burned.
8.  He seized the Persian throne with the aid of an elite group of Persian soldiers.
9.  These nomads used chariots to invade an Egypt that had been severly weakened and divided.
10.  This is the group of rulers to which Shi Huangdi belonged.
11.  Which Chinese philosophy stressed that social order, harmoney, and good government could be restored by organizing society around 5 basic relationships?
12.  These were regional governors
13.  This non-Egyptian king overthrew the Libyan dynasty that ruled Egypt and upheld the Egyptian way of life.
14.  He established the Persian custom of honoring the traditions and beliefs of the peoples his armies conquered.
15.  This region was located along the Nile, south of Egypt.  Several of its kingdoms served as trade and intellectual centers.
16.  The teachings of this man, China's most influential scholar, are found in the Analects.
17.  The followers of this philosophy were particularly drawn to the study of sciences such as astronomy and medicine.
18.  This military leader adn peacemaker was the last great Egyptian pharaoh.
19.  What famous structure did King Darius build to unite the Persian Empire?
20.  Which empire was ruled by Cyrus?
21.  What city became a major center for the manufacture of iron weapons and tools?
22.  He was a prophet and religious reformer
23.  He burned books and forced peasants to work on the Great Wall of China.
24.  Immediately following his death, rebellions erupted throughout the Persian Empire.
25.  He divided the Persian Empire into 20 provinces
26.  This is the philosophy that was adopted by Shi Huangdi.
27.  ThThe Babylonians and the Jews welcomed him as their conqueror
28.  He conquered Egypt and, despite his father's example, scorned its people's beliefs
29.  This is the bype of government that was established by Shi Huangdi.
30.  This concept devides the world into two powers that represent the natural rythms of life.
31.  This kingdom was long dominated by Egypt but emerged as a regional power after the Egyptian empire declined.
32.  This ruler was known for encouraging the expansion of trade in Egypt
33.  Which group of nomads invaded Egypt in chariots and ruled Egypt for 70 years?
34.  Which philosophy was the Qin ruler Shi Huangdi following when he burned "useless" books, created forced labor, and murdered hundreds of scholars?
35.  This city, located south of Egypt was the home of kings as well as an importnat trade and iron manufacturing center.
36.  This pharaoh ruled during the New Kingdom and made Egypt a might empire.  His invasion of Nubia greatly added to the territory and power of the empire.
37.  This is what the philosophy of Laozi came to be called.
38.  What was the location of Nebuchadnezzar's hanging gardens?
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