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What are some good knowledge base platforms?

Asked by Brayn Wills, Last updated: Jan 15, 2020

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B. Lazarus

B. Lazarus

Answered Nov 28, 2019

It depends on what are your requirements and who is your target audience. There can be two types of knowledge bases that you might want to create - one for customers and second for your internal employees. Your objective can be to empower customers with self-help and reduce support tickets or provide easy knowledge access to your workforce and increase collaboration among teams.

Whichever is the case, a suitable knowledge base tool can help you achieve your objectives. If you are planning to build an online knowledge base but not sure about which software to go for, worry not.

You can try ProProfs Knowledge Base software, without a blink. The reason why I am confident about this product is due to its unique features and unmatched performance. It helps you in all the stages of building a knowledge base, right from writing content to finally publishing it.

To start with, you can choose one of its templates, whichever you find suitable, and start creating content. Templates are super easy to use. You simply need to replace the dummy content with meaningful information.

Next comes the authoring part. Its online text editor works like MS Word and helps you write, edit as well as upload content. It comes with a wide array of formatting options that help you give a unique style to your knowledge base.

It depends on what are your requirements and who is your target audience. There can be two types of
You can even set workflow status such as Draft, In Progress, Ready for Review, etc., to your knowledge base articles. This helps you keep track of the content and ensure that only error-free content gets published.

It depends on what are your requirements and who is your target audience. There can be two types of
Whether you want to keep your knowledge base public or private, the software allows you to do so easily. If you are creating a private knowledge base for your employees, you can rest assured as its Single Sign-On feature ensures that users are authenticated before they access your knowledge base.

See how this software can help you create an impressive knowledge base in minutes. Go for its 15-day free trial version for more information.


Amit Yadav

Peace Lover :)

Amit Yadav, SaaS | Marketing | Analyst, Management, Delhi, India

Answered Jan 15, 2020

Picking one knowledge base platform gets really tough, as scores of such tools are available on the market today.

Here’s a list of a few best knowledge base tools, that in my knowledge, work reasonably well, as compared to others.

  • Tettra

  • ProProfs Knowledge Base software

  • Inkling Knowledge

  • Bitrix24

  • Zendesk Guide

  • Knowledge Owl

  • Document360

But, before you make a choice, ensure that the software you pick has these major features:

  • Online text editor

  • Version control and revision history

  • Option to recover deleted files

  • Branding and customization options

  • Integrations with tools like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Wufoo, etc.

  • Integration with the G-suite - Google Analytics, Google Fonts, and Google Translate

  • Roles and permissions

  • Insightful reports

  • Security control system

  • Google-like search

  • User-friendly interface

  • Contextual help

These are some major ones that a decent knowledge base tool must offer. There are many others, but I could just come up with these at the moment.


T. Wikati

T. Wikati, Technical Writer, New York

Answered Jan 08, 2020

There are so many knowledgebase platforms available on the market that it gets really irritating to choose one that best fits your requirements.

Among the many tools, the top 5 knowledgebase platforms in 2020 include:

  • ProProfs Knowledge Base

  • ServiceNow

  • RemedyKnowledge Management

  • AllAnswered

  • InklingKnowledge

All these tools come with all the features needed for you to streamline the entire online documentation process and ensure all your website FAQs are created efficiently.

A few features you need to look out for to choose the right tool for your company are:

  • Context-Sensitive Help

  • Wiki Creation Features

  • In-App Help Widget

  • Team Collaboration

  • Roles & Permissions

  • 100+ Settings & Integrations

  • Easy to Use Templates

  • Template Customization

  • Easy to Create Documents & User Manuals

  • Publishing Views

...and a lot more!

Other than the feature, you must look at the pricing and benefits of the top knowledgebase tools you’re setting your eyes on. Once you have at least 3 tools, take a free trial of all three of them. This way, you’ll get an idea about how the UI of the tool is in terms of usage and whether the features it offers are in-line with your requirements.

After carefully looking at all the aspects, make an informed decision.

Pro-Tip: Always involve your entire team in making this decision as they would be using the tool often too.

I hope this helps!


I. Klose

I. Klose, Accountant, Franklin

Answered Jan 15, 2020

A year back, I was struggling to find a good knowledge base platform for my business to improve collaboration and knowledge sharing in my organization. In my search, I came across several options. However, one product that became my top pick was ProProfs Knowledge Base.

This popular knowledge base platform helps you create and publish content instantly. Write from scratch or import your existing files and documents. If required, add images and videos to enhance its appeal.

It helps you create online FAQs, user guides and documentation. The best part is you don’t have to be an expert to create one. You can build a knowledge base from scratch or use a template that is suitable for your needs. You can then add your logo and color to make it look more professional.

Using this tool, we created a centralized information center through which we share our company’s vision, mission, policies, and functions, etc with our employees.

There were major benefits we enjoyed once we started using this product:

  • More team collaboration

  • Improved customer support

  • Reduced customer support tickets

  • Instant access to knowledge

I feel that the ProProfs Knowledge Base will be sufficient to meet all your business requirements. However, if you want to have other options, here are my more recommendations.

Besides, you can even try other tools such as-

  • Bitrix24
  • ServiceNow
  • Knowledge Management
  • Inkling Knowledge, etc.



Answered Jan 10, 2020

Pointing out one knowledge base platform good or bad wouldn’t be fair, because every tool for creating a knowledge repository offers some attention-grabbing features. That’s why search engines don’t tell you about one tool when you search keyword: ‘Which one is the best tool to create knowledge base?’

But if you insist on knowing about some good knowledge base platforms, I would like to mention these:

I have mentioned these knowledge base tools after taking their nominal pricing and an array of features into consideration.

Already got a recommendation from a business friend? No worries, just check out these factors before making a decision:

  • Online editor

  • Google-like search

  • Roles and permissions

  • Works seamlessly with multiple devices and browsers

  • A library of fonts and themes

  • Integration options

  • 24/7 accessibility

  • Single Sign-On

  • Option to control the content visibility

If the suggested tool justifies these factors, you can give it a go or vice versa. One thing that you need to keep in mind is the value of features shouldn’t be overlooked in front of low pricing. In case you go for the wrong knowledge base tool, you are likely to encounter unnecessary hassle while creating a repository of resolutions. All in all, don’t have a brain fade moment due to a small monetary difference.


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