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Which drug is included by this therapy?
A 7-month-old child presents with a 4-day history of fever, deepening cough, and dyspnea. A chest x-ray shows multiple interstitials infiltrate and hyperinflation of the lungs. Multinucleated giant cells with cytoplasmic inclusion bodies are seen when a nasal wash is inoculated into the culture.

A. Acyclovir
B. Ganciclovir
C. Ribavirin
D. Trifluorothymidine
E. Zidovudine

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Asked by Christopher, Last updated: Mar 26, 2020

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Barry Mclean

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Barry Mclean, Sales Manager, MBA, Ewa

Answered Jan 25, 2019

It is always a concern especially for parents when their babies start to show signs of being unhealthy. Such is the case for the 7-month old child in question. The right drug to use during this situation is C. Ribavirin. This is a drug that is meant to be used to get rid of viruses in the body. This can be used to treat severe respiratory infections.

Some children under 1 year of age usually suffer from bronchiolitis or pneumonia. The other drugs that are given as choices are used for other conditions. For example, thymidine is used in order to help treat the herpes virus. Choice B is normally used for the treatment of those who have AIDS.


John Smith

John Smith

Answered Sep 09, 2016

Ribavirin-the correct answer is c. ribavirin is an antiviral drug approved for the treatment of severe respiratory syncytialvirus infection, the most common cause of pneumonia and bronchiolitis in children under 1 year of age. it should be given by aerosol.acyclovir (choice a) is a guanosine analog that is useful for the treatment of primary and recurrent herpesinfections and herpes simplex virus encephalitis.ganciclovir (choice b) is a guanosine analog used in the treatment of cytomegalovirus retinitis andcytomegalovirus infections in aids patients.trifluorothymidine (choice d) is a thymidine analog used topically for the treatment of recurrent epithelialkeratitis and primary keratoconjunctivitis due to herpes simplex viruses.zidovudine (choice e) is a thymidine analog that inhibits reverse transcriptase. it is active against humanretroviruses, including hiv-1, hiv-2, and htlv-1.

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