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What are risks and barriers for e-business?

A. Spikes causing websites to fail at peak times
B. Internet hackers penetrating company security
C. Contravention of customer privacy
D. All of the above

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Answered Apr 25, 2018

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Cesar H. Pablo

Cesar H. Pablo, Journalist

Answered Apr 18, 2018

Risk And Barriers for E-Business
Hidden Costs: One of the biggest selling points of e-business is the low start-up costs. Domain names and web hosting incur comparatively low costs when considered against renting or buying a physical space.
Data Security: Customers enter a considerable amount of sensitive information, ranging from phone numbers to credit card numbers, on your site. As the site owner, you take responsibility for protecting that information with appropriate security measures.

Marketing Failures: Online and offline business both rely on effective marketing to drive growth and sales. Without effective online marketing to drive traffic to the website, the entire project can turn into a waste of time and financial resources.

Website Availability: Even if a business manages costs, employs top-flight data security and uses online marketing best practices, a bad web hosting service can destroy an e-business. Customers who find your website unavailable on a regular basis will stop going to it.




Answered Sep 05, 2017

All of the above

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