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What is AF IMT 803?

A. On-The-Job Training Record
B. Report of Task Evaulation
C. Special Task Certification and Recurring Training
D. Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel
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Answered on Dec 20, 2017

(B) Report of task evaluation.

AF IMT - 803 is a code used by the Air Education and Training Command(AETC) for the evaluation of air force parachute regiment and does not apply to the Reserve force and Air national guards.

Under this code, all the troops in the parachute regiment are evaluated and standardized.

AF IMT-803 was first issued in 2004 under the command of Col. Lee T. Pittnam.


John Smith

John Smith

Answered on Sep 08, 2016

Report of task evaulation-evaluators use this to conduct and document completion of task evaluations during training staff assist visits, when directed by the commander, or when a task certification requires validation. supervisors, trainers, task certifiers, and training managers can use this form to record up to 6 task evaluations per form. if evaluators are conducted on a single trainee by the sueprvisor/trainer, or task certifier, file completed evaluations in the af form 623 until upgraded or no longer applicable to current duty position.