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What is the difference between Syrup and Suspension?

Asked by Marlon , Last updated: Jul 16, 2020

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M. Delilah

M. Delilah

Answered Jun 26, 2020

Drugs are available in different forms. It comes in liquid forms, tablet form, suspensions, and syrups. However, there are differences in these forms. The syrup is a pharmaceutical solution, these drugs are dissolved into a solvent such as the sugar solutions or alcohol, so the medicine can be bearable, and these drugs are mostly made for children so they can easily take it as sugar sweeten things.

Sugar also reduces the growth of microorganisms in the syrup. The syrup is not advisable for diabetic patients because of its high sugar concentration. While the suspension is produced of solid particles, it uses water for its solvent and does not contain sugar. It does not fully dissolve into the solvent like the syrup. The suspension is highly intolerable by children because of its undesirable taste.


E. Jonathan

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Answered Jun 08, 2020

The syrup is a liquid drug that dissolves into its solvent. The bottle of syrup contains the exact right balance of medications and solutions. Most of them are dissolved into a sugar solution so that the taste is not so unbearable. The flavors typically come in cherry or grape. This mixture is why liquid solutions are perfect for younger children. The flavors will sometimes trick children into tolerating the medicine.

The suspension is a drug concoction in which the drug particles do not fully dissolve into the solvent. They are suspended within the center of the liquid, which makes it tricky for the drug particles to dissolve completely. Since the two do not mix, the solution forms two layers, with the top being less concentrated than the bottom one. In most cases, the solvent is used in water, which does not blend well with medicine.


C. Lucan

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Answered Jun 05, 2020

Syrups are usually liquids produced when particles are acting as the solutes completely dissolve when added to the solvent. The syrup is a type of drug produced in the form of a liquid with high sugar content. Syrups are usually made with sugar so that they can easily be taken, although they are not meant for those with diabetes. A suspension, on the other hand, is produced when solid particles do not dissolve completely in a solvent, making them be suspended in the liquid.

There are some drugs that are made using this process. A suspension will always have its top to be less concentrated while the bottom part will be more concentrated. That is why you will always be instructed to mix the solution thoroughly before taking it. Unlike syrup that has high sugar content, a suspension does not contain sugar because it is dissolved in water.


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