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How are women treated in Ethiopia?

Asked by G. GRAY, Last updated: May 29, 2020

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Olive landon

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Olive landon, Health science specialist, Master of Health Science (MHS), Logdon, Utah

Answered Apr 01, 2020

The women of Ethiopia have not been treated the best. Throughout their culture, they have experienced many emotional and physical hardships. Physically, they have had to do more than many women in other countries. This includes traveling long distances with carrying loads of food and water, along with having the tasks of raising children and being cooks.

Their life is measured as only being a mother, a wife, and person who cares for the home. They do not have opportunities to achieve other roles outside of the home. These women have also faced discrimination, which has resulted in lesser opportunities, compared to the males.


Leo Samuels

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Leo Samuels, Content Writer, PG, California

Answered Mar 22, 2020

Ethiopia is one of the countries in Africa that does not allow the full participation of women in all aspects of society. Although, the Ethiopian government has done a lot in making sure that the issue of gender inequality is tackled, however, the government's effort towards this course is not yielding enough results.

About 80 percent of women in Ethiopia live in the rural parts of the country, where they engage majorly in various farming activities. Their chances of securing good jobs are very low compared to their male counterparts. While the country has invested a lot in primary education for girls, their inability to proceed further to acquire secondary and tertiary education is another problem.

Most of them stop going to school as soon as they finish their primary education. The implication of this is that young girls are forced to go into early marriage and childbearing. Also, there are cases of sexual harassment and assaults towards women in Ethiopia.


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