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How did Eminem react to Nick Cannon's Diss Track?

Asked by R. Jones, Last updated: Feb 15, 2020

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B. Mary

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Answered Feb 28, 2020

So far, Eminem has not responded to Nick Cannon's diss record. Cannon related two tracks about Eminem. One was titled "The Invitation," and the other was titled "Pray For Him." These records were in reference to a line that Eminem said about Cannon on "Lord Above." In this song, Eminem dissed both Cannon and his ex-wife Mariah Carey.

Many thought Eminem would respond to Cannon since Canon released two full-length tracks about him, but so far, he has said nothing over a beat. Instead, he went to twitter to dismiss the records and call Cannon's claims in them false and lies.



Answered Feb 13, 2020

Eminem, so far, has not shown any reaction in response to Nick Cannon's diss track. The conflict between them seems to have been started by Eminem himself. And Nick Cannon has been releasing diss tracks to get back at Eminem, and of which Eminem would reply back. But it is quite marveling that the popular rapper has refused to react to the latest Nick Cannon's diss track.

However, it was reported that 50 Cent advises Eminem not to react to this track by Nick. 50 Cent himself has actually abused Nick Cannon, presenting him to be a fool. 50 Cent revealed that he told Eminem not to reply to any of the Nick Cannon's diss track again, that he can't be arguing with a fool. As a matter of fact, Nick Cannon invited to Eminem to the ring for a fight, of which Eminem turned down. He refused to grant the invitation of Cannon for a fight in the ring.


Anika Nicole

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Answered Jan 24, 2020

A lot of people thought that Eminem would react to Nick's diss track with another diss track from him, but Eminem is yet to respond to Nick's diss track in that manner. However, when the diss track titled ''the invitation'' was released in December by Nick, Eminem reacted to the song via his twitter handle. He said most of what Nick said about him was nothing but fake information, and he told Nick to stop peddling lies against him.

In December, Nick also went ahead to release another track titled ''Pray for him''. Eminem reacted to the second track and he demanded an apology from Nick. The two tracks from Nick were released by Nick as a way of getting back at Em. Eminem had earlier released a new record titled 'Lord Above'. In this track, Eminem actually took his time to insult both Nick and his ex-wife. However, 50 Cent also reacted on twitter where he lambasted Nick for his new release.


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