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What are the best enterprise chat software for business?

Asked by Jason Grills, Last updated: Dec 18, 2019

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D. Jewel

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D. Jewel, Assistant Manager, MA in English, California

Answered Dec 06, 2019

In my opinion and experience, I’d recommend ProProfs Chat.

By far, our experience with the live chat software has been smooth and it made the support process really simple for my operators. My reason for stating that it is the best enterprise chat software for businesses today is because of its seamless performance during the support process.

ProProfs Chat has various features that help any enterprise business boost conversions effectively. The awesome feature list is inclusive of the following options.

  • Track Visitors in Real-Time

The software helps my support team track visitors in real-time and capture crucial details. These details allow them to understand whether the visitor came with a purchase intent on the website or not. We’ve been able to track insights like which page did the visitors land on, what pages they visit subsequently browsed, which browser did they use, how long did they stay on every page, and so on. And we get to track these details for every individual.

  • Chat Greetings

Yet again a very valuable feature that ProProfs Chat has to offer. That’s because it can be used in specific moments or when operators see an exit intent. Plus, we can add them on pages where visitors are likely to convert.

  • Enterprise Reporting

Their reports section is really insightful for us. We get access to detailed reports that allowed admins to track operator activity, idle time, individual ratings, daily chat reports/transcripts, chat response time, on-demand reports and more.

  • Escalations and Transfer

Admins have easily shared access to customer chat sessions with support operators in real-time. What’s more, my admins get the opportunity to intervene a chat just in case they feel that the customer isn’t satisfied with the operator who is managing their requests. Our operators also get the opportunity to transfer a chat to a different operator or a team if the customer wishes to speak to experts in the field.

Besides these, my team and I find the following features very useful for the support process.

  • Announcements

  • Offline forms

  • Pre-chat forms

  • Post-chat forms

  • File sharing and transfer

  • Chat supervision

  • Multiple chat window feature

  • Chat routing

  • White label

  • Multiple languages

  • Audit and admin controls

Other than this, we find their integration options really useful as ProProfs Chat allows us to create a support suite for our organization. They have more than 50+ integrationoptions available for us to work on. What we personally found useful is the Microsoft Dynamics and help desk integration. They helped us capture qualified leads and work on them with email marketing integration option like MailChimp.

So, overall it is a great enterprise chat software and that too at affordable rates. I would highly recommend its use.


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