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Is John Connor in Terminator Dark Fate?

Asked by W. Ira, Last updated: Dec 18, 2019

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C. Perez

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C. Perez, Writer, Writer, Cleveland

Answered Dec 02, 2019

The correct answer to this question is Yes. John Connor. Though he is in the movie, he only appears briefly at the beginning of the movie. Jude Collie plays the role, and he appears as a teenage boy.

In the film, he looks like a double body that has an application like Furlong. This helped him look like John in the 1990s. This scene is in context after the beach resort events that took place in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

John Connor is important to the film series because he acts as a human resistance between the terminators. The film was released in November of 2019.


C. Adlai

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Answered Nov 05, 2019

Yes, John Connor is in the new movie, Terminator: Dark Fate. He appeared just briefly as a cameo at the beginning scene of the movie. He appears as a teenage boy, and the role is played by Jude Collie. He looks like a double body with CGI, with the application of Furlong's likeness, which makes him look like John as in the 1990s. This opening scene is performed after The Terminator 2: Judgement Day's events on a beach resort. The fatal future features Skynet and the Judgement Day date of 1997.

Thanks to the Conor for preventing the Judgement Day, and the destruction of the reprogrammed T-800. However, the Conors' peaceful life is taken from them when another T-800 appears and guns down John right in front of Sarah, despite her physical struggles. The terminator leaves them there with Sarah cradling her shot son. John Connor seems to be the human resistance against the terminators.


A. Boaz

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Answered Nov 04, 2019

John Connor is going to appear in Terminator Dark Fate, but if you think that he is going to be one of the main characters in this particular movie installment, then you are wrong. He would only appear in a cameo role at the beginning of the film.

This film will probably focus on the adventures of Sarah Connor and the cyborg to protect a young girl who is supposed to do some things in the future. If people think that this is too similar to the first-ever Terminator film, they are not showing any signs of disappointment yet. More details will become obvious in the long run.


B. Lucian

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Answered Nov 01, 2019

This question remains a big mystery. Since Terminator: Dark Fate (the new sequel) is set to be after the Terminator 2: Judgement Day(1992). John Connor was 12 or 13 years at the time, Edward Furlong (who played the role of John Connor) is now 42 years old. Although we know that Edward Furlong is listed as a “John Connor reference” in the official credit, we do not know in what capacity he will be appearing.

Some say he might be providing facials for the de-age version for the purpose of flashbacks. It is certain that Edward Furlong does not reappear in the movie. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, and this how this plays out when the movie is finally released this autumn.


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