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Is 13 Reasons Why based on a true story?

Asked by Carice Snow, Last updated: Feb 09, 2020

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J. Rogers

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Answered Dec 02, 2019

No, 13 Reasons Why is not based on a true-life story. The TV series is based on a novel titled Thirteen Reasons Why. The novel was written by Jay Asher, and it was written in 2007.

The novel tells the story of a high school student, Hannah Baker, that committed suicide because of the betrayal and bully that came upon her.

The first season of the series followed the book closely, but the remaining seasons do not follow as the book does not have a sequel.

The storyline and many other casts were added to the television series.
The author of the book, Jay, has also revealed that characters and the story are not real.


C. Adlai

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Answered Nov 05, 2019

13 Reasons why is a television series based on a novel written by Jay Asher, which was published in 2007. The story looks both fictional and real. The fact that the story has so many characters like Clay, Hannah, Ani, does not mean they exist in real life. It is actually a show which is produced to point people's attention to some social issues that are facing people, especially teenagers in society.

According to Jay Asher, he said the story was written based on some past incidents and various life experiences of things that have happened to him and things he has heard about, but he noted the various characters used in the story are not real. This means that though Hannah Beaker was used in the story, Hannah Beaker could be anybody who has experienced such a situation in the past or those who are currently experiencing it.


A. Boaz

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Answered Nov 04, 2019

“13 Reasons Why” is a Netflix series that talks about the story of Hannah Baker. The story may be considered a bit common right now, especially since the things that Hannah went through may be similar to what other people have been experiencing right now. While the story itself is not based solely on just one person, there are a lot of people who can relate to it because they have also been bullied, ridiculed, and so much more.

The series talks about the reasons why Hannah decided to kill herself, and this is also the same with how people who commit the same act may feel. They usually have their reasons, but the main reason is they have allowed the things that they go through destroy them.


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