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Who was the love interest of Black Widow?

Asked by F. Lopez, Last updated: Mar 03, 2020

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B. Strickland

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B. Strickland, Sales Manager, MBA, Houston

Answered Nov 21, 2019

Black Widow has been romantically linked with many men, including a few superheroes. She is beautiful, and she has managed to remain youthful due to the extraordinary power she possesses. She has had many relationships, but she has never been successful with long-term commitment.

She has also had many passionate affairs, and she has been engaged and even married. Some of the relationships she has had include Hercules. He and Black Widow were briefly a couple. Bruce Banner and Black Widow were an unexpected couple, and they held strong for a while.

Spiderman and Black Widow had an infatuation with one another, but it ended when Black Widow regained her memory, and it was over before it began. Black Widow and reporter, Dick Jones were an intriguingly dark and inspired pair. Michael Corcoran was a scientist who died in Black Widow's arms. Finally, the most popular date mate for Black Widow is Tony Stark, and the two were engaged.


W. Ira

W. Ira

Answered Nov 12, 2019

In both the Marvel comic and film series, Black Widow has a number of love interests. One person was the Red Guardian or Alexi Shostakov. In fact, the Black Widow was married to him. This marriage was short-lived as Alexi faked his death to become a spy, in which Black Widow followed his career path.

Another love interest of Black Widow was Hawkeye. Their relationship almost led to marriage for Hawkeye proposed to her, but Black Widow decided to live a life alone. Fans got to see a rekindling of their romance in the Avengers: End Game, in which Black Widow sacrificed herself for him.


G. Deacon

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G. Deacon, Civil Engineer, B.E(Bachelor of Engineering), Trenton, New Jersey

Answered Nov 04, 2019

It should be remembered that even if she is a superhero, Black Widow is still human, and she has some romantic interests from time to time. Her first love may be the man that she used to be married to named Alexei Shostakov. She was told that Alexei died, but actually, he became a spy. When Natasha went to the United States, she met Clint Barton. They dated and almost married, but Natasha decided to be on her own.

She also had a thing with Matt Murdock that was actually quite serious, but it also did not work out in the end. It is obvious that she has fallen in love with a lot of guys, but it seems that she still chooses to fight for what she believes in. If she feels that her love life interferes with her interests, she leaves them.


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