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When will 5G be officially launched worldwide?

Asked by R. Jones, Last updated: Jan 24, 2020

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Bergeront Tiffney

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Bergeront Tiffney, Computer Engineer, M. Tech, Southeast Montgomery

Answered Nov 07, 2019

5G has already been launched, though it is limited presently. This means it is yet to be launched worldwide. However, the fifth-generation wireless mobile network is expected to be launched worldwide in 2020. As I said, some people are already enjoying the 5G network. 5G was first launched by Verizon in April.

This actually surprised so many technology companies and a lot of people as well. This achievement of Verizon has strengthened people's hope about the possibility of having the super speed network launched in all parts of the world by 2020. As a result of this development, some parts of Chicago are currently enjoying 5G. 5G is needed so that people can have a more robust internet experience.

5G simply means people will be able to get whatever they want on the internet at a very faster rate. This will also increase internet connection in most third world countries.


L. Agate

L. Agate

Answered Oct 14, 2019

Verizon astonished the world when it launched its 5G network beginning in April 2019, which made it the first step to globally offering the next-generation network. South Korea was officially set to be the world's first country to roll out the 5G network. Particular phones do not require an attachment to across 5G. Competition is fierce on the 5G global stage. China is set to have 5G in the year 2020.

Most countries around the world will have access to 5G in 2020. However, South American countries will probably see 5G in late 2019. The United Arab Emirates will be launched in late 2019. The United Kingdom has four providers unveiling 5G in 2019. In several countries (South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany), 5G has been coming out in increments.


R. Barnes

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R. Barnes, Analyst, PhD, Clinton

Answered Sep 23, 2019

A lot of people are not aware that 5G is already being tested in different parts of the world. 5G network has already been launched by Verizon last April of 2019, and it is expected that the other network providers from different parts of the world will start to become exposed to 5G network too. The speed of the release will depend on the country who will be getting access to 5G.

Those who have more access to high tech items and better technology overall will probably get 5G internet faster as compared to areas that are considered to be more remote. Even with the things that would still need to be fixed about 5G, people are still very excited to try it out.


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