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What is the difference between HTTP and WWW?

Asked by S. Barnes, Last updated: Mar 26, 2020

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Danny R. Glover

Danny R. Glover, Editor, New York City

Answered Sep 11, 2019

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer protocol while WWW is the abbreviation for World Wide Web. HTTP is the most common and widely used protocol in our world today. It is a common means of communication between website servers and web browsers. It enables the transfer of data and describes how messages are formatted. It also independently executes each command even without information on the previous command.

WWW refers to linked hypertext documents can you can view on a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, and so on. WWW shows that a web page is using HTTP to communicate. The most website comes with “www” as the prefix. The World Wide Web is made up of a combination of resources. It provides space for contents such as documents and videos. I hope you find this information helpful.


F. Ray

F. Ray, Student, Kansas City

Answered Sep 06, 2019

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. This is the type of protocol that is mostly being used right now. You can check out different websites, and you can take note that most websites will use this over the www, which means worldwide web.

There was a time when this was what websites used, but because of different reasons, they have started to use HTTP can be effective in defining how the different messages can be transmitted. You can view a web browser that will contain images and text easily. Do remember that the main difference between the two is that www is still the address while HTTP is a link.


T. Moore

Have keen interest in writing, traveller by heart.

T. Moore, Writer, MA, Washington

Answered Aug 30, 2019

HTTP is the abbreviation for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is the most widely used protocol today. It is the standard communication used by your web browser to display the name of the website you are viewing. WWW is the World Wide Web. It is a prefix to a specific name to identify that it is a website you are visiting.

WWW is the identifier, and it indicates that it is a website, and it uses the HTTP protocol. Most websites come in a specific format. The word at the end tags the site as commercial. The word in the center is the domain name, and the WWW, in the beginning, is the indicator that it is a website and it uses HTTP protocol.


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