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What is the difference between LTE and CDMA?

Asked by S. Barnes, Last updated: Sep 11, 2019

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R. Glover

R. GloverEditor, New York City
Editor, New York City

Answered on Sep 11, 2019

LTE is the acronym for Long Term Evolution, and CDMA is the acronym for Code Division Multiple Access. LTE refers to wireless broadband for communication technology in telecommunications. LTE devices make use of SIM cards. It provides the fastest data speed for mobile devices. It is an upgraded version of 3G or 4G. Since LTE allows the use of SIM cards, it means LTE devices allow, but calls and data use.

CDMA, on the other hand, refers to protocols that are often used in second and third generation wireless telecommunication system. CDMA was developed in the nineties. CDMA devices do not use SIM cards. They work through embedded serial numbers to identify the users to the network carrier. The devices use a spread spectrum multiple access techniques for transmission. I hope you find this information helpful.


F. Ray

F. RayStudent, Kansas City
Student, Kansas City

Answered on Sep 06, 2019

The technologies that are available all over the world have changed significantly over the past years. Right now, it is easy to connect to the internet and contact people who are far away. Some people are confused about the difference of LTE, which means Long Term Evolution and CDMA, which means Code Division Multiple Access.

LTE makes it possible for mobile phones to easily connect to the internet with the use of mobile data. CDMA will make use of 3G to connect people to the internet. With this said, CDMA is a bit slower as compared to LTE. Take note that CDMA will allow various users to transmit their signals all at the same time. LTE can easily uplink or downlink different transmissions.


T. Moore

Have keen interest in writing, traveller by heart.

T. MooreWriter, MA, Washington
Writer, MA, Washington

Answered on Aug 30, 2019

CDMA is the multiple access method used by communication systems, in which the well-known TDMA and FDMA techniques are combined to form the new procedure. The unique combination is considered to be the hybrid version of the above technologies.

LTE can be regarded as the 4G of mobile communication benchmarks, which are a project of 3GPP (third generation partnership project). CDMA is used in communication networks (3G); LTE is the fourth-generation mobile communication standard. LTE uses TDMA as the multiple access technique to accommodate data rates.


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