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What is the difference between GPS and Chartplotter?

Asked by R. Barnes, Last updated: Sep 11, 2019

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P. Micah

P. Micah

Answered on Oct 21, 2019

Chartplotter will make use of GPS so that the location of the ship can be found. If the GPS is not working, then you know that this will not work properly. Chartplotters can be very useful for people, especially when they want to reach their destination. They have to make sure that the rocks and the corals will be affected. GPS can be used for routing properly.

What if you would like to get to the right location, but you do not know the right path? GPS can be very useful so that you can find the right areas where you can move. The Chartplotter will make sure that the path that will be taken will be free from potential issues that may harm the vessel.


H. Jones

H. JonesWeb Content Writer, San Antonio,
Web Content Writer, San Antonio,

Answered on Sep 11, 2019

GPS and chart plotter are used for navigation purposes. GPS is the acronym for Global Positioning System. It is a satellite that is based on a navigation system. It shows the current location of the ship on the earth’s surface. GPS works through a method known as “triangulation.” The GPS receiver gets information from 3 to 4 satellites. The GPS measures the distance between the receivers itself and each of the satellites.

This is measured by the amount of time it takes to get a message from each satellite. With the aid of some mathematical calculations, the position of the object on the ground can be determined. A chart plotter most often has a GPS receiver embedded in it. It works with GPS receiver and electronic chart.

The chart plotter does not only show the current location of the ship, but it can also tell the current speed of the ship, and many other details. The chart plotter presents information in an easy to understand manner. This is unlike the GPS that presents data in latitude and longitude. I hope you find this information helpful.


J. Pollock

J. PollockScience Professor, Los Angeles
Science Professor, Los Angeles

Answered on Sep 04, 2019

GPS and Chartplotter are normally used by people who are navigating the different bodies of water. The GPS can be used to show where the ship’s current location is. Without the GPS, it will be impossible for the Chartplotter to work.

The Chartplotter will also show the ship’s current location but aside from that, it will show the current speed of the boat plus other details that will help the captain and the rest of the members know if there are certain differences with the surroundings. The GPS can be very helpful in showing the best routes that navigators can take so that they can get to their destination easier or if they want to sail away from a potential storm.


B. Rickets

B. Rickets

Answered on Sep 03, 2019

There was a time when people would navigate with the use of maps and compass, but over the past years, the way that people navigate have already significantly changed. A GPS will be able to give the longitude and latitude of your current location. The Chartplotter will be able to show a map and will show where you are currently in.

There was a time when people would navigate with the use of maps and compass, but over the past
There are a lot of GPS devices that you can purchase right now, but most people prefer getting the Chartplotter because they believe that this will be more ideal in providing them what they may need. Chartplotters can also be used differently aside from providing your exact location. Most people still use this and GPS to navigate, especially when they are lost at sea.