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What is the difference between SLT1 and SLT2 GMC Acadia?

Asked by R. Barnes, Last updated: Feb 10, 2020

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J. Alva

J. Alva

Answered Oct 10, 2019

The top two grades of Acadia are SLT1 and SLT2. The price difference between the two cars is not really a big deal as there is no big difference between the two cars, except for some little improvements in Acadia SLT2. Let's look at the major differences between Acadia SLT1 and SLT2. Acadia SLT 2 comes with technology in the form of memory. This memory reminds the owner about any changes in the position of the two side mirrors and the driver's seat.

For example, you may give your car to someone who may possibly change the position of the two side mirrors. This memory will remind you of any changes. This type of technology is absent in Acadia SLT1. SLT2 boasts of high-intensity discharge headlamp that gives you more visibility, especially in the night, SLT 1 does not have. SLT 2 also comes with a feature known as HUD (Heads up display)


Chris Kenway

Chris Kenway, Content Writer, Jacksonville

Answered Sep 11, 2019

The Acadia is a reasonably priced GMC vehicle for the full-sized SUV market. The two different cars for the Acadia are the SLT1 and SLT2. Rather than demonstrating a price difference between the two vehicles, there is are a few increment advantages with the SLT2. The upgrades which improve the car's performance include SLT2's high-intensity discharge headlamps.

These headlamps emit a significant amount of light, which allows for increased visibility with night- time driving. The second upgrade for the SLT2 is the heads- up display. This feature ventures into your windshield information. It enriches your safety because you will not have to take your eyes off the road in order to check something.


M. Jabrowsky

M. Jabrowsky, Bank Manager, Ohio

Answered Sep 03, 2019

GMC is known for making SUVs loved by many and for people who are looking for a mid-priced SUV, the company offers the Acadia. This unit has two trim levels the SLT1 and SLT2. The first difference between the two is the price, which is not far from each other. Second and third are the memory systems installed in each trim. The SLT2 has a more advanced memory system in the side mirrors and seats.

The SLT2 allows the owner to save their desired mirror positions so when someone borrowed their SLT2 and forgot to change the mirrors and seats back to their positions, with just a touch of a button, the seats and mirrors will automatically adjust on the owner’s preference. The SLT2 also has an upgraded HUD (Heads-Up Display) that can project information that drivers would normally see on their dashboards. And lastly, the SLT2 are equipped with cooled/heated seats to give comfortable rides.


Anthony Paul Bonadio

Its kind of my job to give answers

Anthony Paul Bonadio, Teacher, MCA, PhD, Toledo

Answered Aug 27, 2019

If you have always been familiar with cars, then you know that these are two SUV models that are highly similar to each other. They are created by the same brand but their differences might make you choose one over the other. The SLT-1 is considered to be the more basic version. If you want an SUV that will do what it is supposed to do with some basic features, this is already a good buy.

This comes with a standard audio system whereas the SLT-2 will come with a Bose sound system which means that the sound system will be greatly improved. The SLT-1 will make use of a front-wheel-drive while the SLT-2 will come with an all-wheel drive.


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