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What is the difference between Kevlar and Twaron?

Asked by R. Barnes, Last updated: Jul 06, 2020

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A. Boaz

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A. Boaz, Mechanical Engineer, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Atlanta, Georgia

Answered Oct 08, 2019

Kevlar and Twaron are two materials that are used in the production of materials like armories, tires, and protective gear. Kevlar and Twaron are very similar in that they share almost the same qualities. However, the only difference between Kevlar and Twaron is that they are created by two different companies. Kevlar is a material created by DuPont, and it was used for the first time in 1965. Twaron was created for the first time in the 1970s and officially created for commercial purposes in 1986.

Both Kevlar and Twaron are synthetic fibers, and they belong to the same family, aramid family. Both have so many physical properties that make them a better choice in the market. Both are resistant to cut; they are resistant to heat and chemical. Initially, racing tires are made with steels, but the creation of Kevlar and Twaron led to their replacement. Both Kevlar and Twaron are used because they are flexible and stronger than steel.


N. Kingsley

N. Kingsley, Writer, Columbus

Answered Sep 10, 2019

Both kevlar and twaron are within the aramid family of human-made fibers. DuPont is the producer of Kevlar while Teijin is the current manufacturer of Twaron (initially produced by Akzo). Both kevlar and twaron are five times more impregnable than steel yet very flexible. These fabrics are heat resistant, cut resistant, chemical resistant, and can handle high impacts. The common uses of Kevlar and Twaron are in protective gear, body armors, tires, and drumheads.

Twaron can be twisted or braided, which is essential for rope constructions. It is chemical resistant and cut resistant. Twaron was first commercially introduced in 1986. Akzo first developed it in the 1970s. In 1965, DuPont created by Kelvar, a high strength material which belongs to the aramid family of synthetic fibers. Upon development, it was first commercially used during the 1970s.


Samantha Stewart

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Answered Aug 22, 2019

Look at your tires on your car. Besides rubber, the tires are actually made of something else. They are made of Kevlar or Twaron. The racing tires that you see on racing cars are made of Kevlar. They were created by DuPont in the mid-1960s. Twaron was not made from Dupont even though they are naturally similar products in that Twaron is made of synthetic fibers just like the Kevlar.

Twaron is made by Teijin. It is hard to believe that both Twaron and Kevlar have more strength than steel which is why they are used in tires. They can also resistant heat, being cuts, many chemicals and impacts. Both of these things make body armors and protective gear besides tires.


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