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What is the difference between 60Hz and 120Hz LCD TV?

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A. Cook

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A. Cook, English Professor, M.A, Ph.D, Kentucky

Answered on Aug 30, 2019

When selecting a new LCD TV to buy, there is a new feature that people may be drawn to; it's the 120 Hz refresh rate. The main change between 120 Hz and 60Hz refresh rate is how fast they change the display on the screen. 120 Hz refreshes the screen 120 times per second, which is twice the 60 times per second for 60 Hz.

120 Hz LCD TV is impeccable with fast-moving scenes than 60 Hz LCD TV. 120 Hz does not utilize 3:2 pulldown while 60 Hz does. Another difference between 60 Hz and 120 Hz is how they display movies that are shot at 24 fps.

j. Goodman

J. Goodman, Web Content Writer, San Antonio

Answered on Aug 14, 2019

Have you seen the numbers 60HZ and 120HZ in some television sets? This refers to the refresh rate of the television set. This means that the higher the refresh rate, the faster the images that will be seen on screen. It can be very disconcerting when the television that you are watching from will have a delayed sound from the actual picture or vice versa.

It might make it harder for you to appreciate what you are watching. If you would like to watch content that will involve fast movements, looking for a television set that has 120HZ is more ideal. This is also more ideal if you would like to play some video games.

E. Barnes

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Answered on May 24, 2019

60HZ and 120HZ are refresh rates. They measure the number of times per second the TV redraws the image shown on the screen. Refresh rates are measured in Hertz, which is abbreviated HZ. TV's with 120HZ are better than 60HZ because the screen is refreshed twice more, making the motion look better.

When displaying content that is 24 fps, 120HZ are better because it has the ability to play back the content and display each frame 5 times. 120HZ is better for watching content such as sports and for playing video games. Most modern TVs have this refresh rate, eliminating a decision to be made between the two.

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