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What is the meaning of 4AO?

Asked by T. Wikati, Last updated: May 09, 2019

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3 Answers

C. Wasek

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C. WasekPhilanthropist, Post Graduate, Corpus Christi
Philanthropist, Post Graduate, Corpus Christi

Answered on May 23, 2019

If you are an ardent social media user, chances are you would have seen something like 4AO. You can't really figure out the meaning of 4AO if you are not an adult. The word is mostly used by adults to conceal sexual statements so it won't be interpreted by younger ones provided they are around. If you are with your brothers and they start using words like this, it means they are discussing something related to sex.

It is always advised not to be saying some things in the presence of our younger ones because of the negative impact it might have on them. 4AO can be used when you discussing adult movies with your friends so that younger ones around will not be corrupted with your words. Also, people tend to use the word when chatting with the opposite sex on social media.


W. Wright

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W. WrightBiology student, Biology student, Astoria
Biology student, Biology student, Astoria

Answered on May 09, 2019

This is an acronym that children may not be familiar with and this is okay because this is something that adults may use. This means, “something that only adults are supposed to see.” This can be used to describe a movie. You may say that the movie is great but it is definitely a 4ao.

Meaning, the movie is something that you can enjoy but there are some scenes in the movie that should not be seen by kids because they are still too young to understand what is happening. This can also be used for some magazines, applications, and other websites that children may access when they are online. Proper monitoring can help to solve this issue.


H. Jones

H. JonesWeb Content Writer, San Antonio,
Web Content Writer, San Antonio,

Answered on May 06, 2019

There are many slang words and acronyms online, getting to know all of them might not be something easy. But knowing the popular ones might savage the situation. 4AO does not have the full form but it is an acronym used to represent contents or objects that belong to adult while chatting or texting, so that younger ones do not read meaning or get to know what the message actually means.

The acronym is used often online by adults to decode adults’ materials especially sexual related talks or materials. Since you have known the meaning, you can start using it in your chats with people. There is no particular rule on how to use it, you can try to use it where it is appropriate. Remember not to use this acronym when engaging in a formal communication or writing.


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