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What does acronym LMK stand for?

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O. Bickis

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O. Bickis, Corporate employee, MBA, Stockton

Answered on May 23, 2019

LMK is the acronym for Let Me Know. It is amazing the rate at which internet slangs, phrases and acronyms have taken over social media. There's no way you can figure out many of those slangs unless you already have an idea. LMK is one of those acronyms.

It is mostly used by people who are curious to know certain things. For example, someone might be pestering you to let him or her know about some things you have obviously been acting reluctant about because you don't want to divulge the secret. At this point you might be getting something like LMK repeatedly from the person, it means he wants to know the secret at all cost.

This type of acronym can only be used on the internet as it won't make any sense if someone decides to be saying it in the real life. However, don't be surprised if you see an acronym standing for different things.

W. Pratt

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W. Pratt, Marketing Analyst, MBA, Lincoln

Answered on May 23, 2019

According to the urban dictionary LMK, quite frequently used with texting, means let me know. There are many abbreviations to use for texting created so that we can use less time to send more information. The list of an acronyms for texting is endless from a straightforward letter to a string of letters that would express a whole sentence and some for all ages, while some should be for adults only. Although texting can be convenient, it blocks the ability to communicate effectively with someone, because they can not tell how you are feeling or what you truly mean by LMAO.

L. Thornton

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L. Thornton, Student, Student, Los Angles

Answered on May 09, 2019

There are a lot of people who may get confused when they see the number of abbreviations that they have to be familiar with. One of the most common abbreviations that people use when texting is LMK which also means Let Me Know.

This can be useful when you are talking to another person and the other person cannot give you the information that you need yet. You can use LMK to remind the person to let you know when the information is already available so that it can be given to you immediately when you need it. Take note that this should be avoided when you are having a formal communication with another person.

j. Goodman

J. Goodman, Web Content Writer, San Antonio

Answered on May 06, 2019

You probably have seen people using LMK and you wondered what exactly it might mean. LMK is an acronym for 'Let Me Know'. The expression is mostly used when people want to add information about something you are discussing, they will you Lmk, meaning they want more gist about the topic of discussion.

Lmk is used mostly by adults and younger ones who are users of any of the available message apps. It is often by people when chatting. But one should be careful not to be using it in formal writing or discussion. Typing lmk saves time, energy than writing it in full.

You can use lmk in the beginning, anywhere in the middle or at the end of a sentence. It can also stand alone but like I said earlier, if the communication you are having is quite a formal one, don’t dare use LMK.

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