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How can I develop a regular habit of reading?

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Answered on May 31, 2019

I recommend finding a good book/series and starting on it. Beware, some books start out boring. KEEP GOING!



Answered on May 25, 2019

Reading, most of the times seems to be a painful thing to most of the people as they do not have a reading habit. But, keep in mind that nobody has acquired any particular skills at which they are best since by birth. They have achieved that feat with their regular practice and by challenging themselves.

To develop a better reading habit and be a good reader, first try to challenge yourself. Sounds horrible? Well, everyone has a different taste in reading, i.e. preference to the genre. To get accustomed to reading, first, find at which genre you are interested in. After that, make a target to meet daily, i.e. either make a target to accomplish a certain number of pages on a daily basis or certain time limit you have to spend in reading your interesting genre. This daily practice for up to a month will boost up your energy towards reading and also you get to stick to reading all the time. Apart from that, spend your time reading those genres which seems terrifying to you. I said this because the more you challenge yourself at a certain task, the better you will be at. Try to make something interesting out of any genre and read as if that is your favourite sort. Moreover, when you find yourself disengaged, try to spend your time reading as much as you can along with understanding the grammar structure and the way those grammar structures are affecting the sentence. This will help you to make the best out of the worst.

Make this into practice for up to a month, you will for sure find the result.

Hope this will help you to boost up your reading skills.

Yash Mathers

I'm a professional writer. I express through my blog and I keep searching for fresh content over the Internet.

Yash Mathers, Content Writer, Diploma in Journalism, Austin,Texas

Answered on May 10, 2019

Reading is one of the most intelligent things that you can adapt in your day-to-day life. It can shape or break one’s preceding perspective towards certain aspects that matter the most to us. Now the question asked should be “How to be an avid reader?” and “What to read if you’re coming from an imbecile background?”or"Where to start?" in simpler terms.

To answer the first question, there’s only one-word “Flexibility.” You’ve got to be flexible in terms of mindset while reading anything if you’re reading and trying to understand from your perspective, then this could account for either losing interest in reading or getting to a conclusion that’s somewhat different from the meaning that it implies.

  • If I summarise it in simpler terms, you have to keep everything aside before reading something (and by everything I mean your preceding beliefs and perspective), then only you will understand the writer’s perspective. Once you do this, then you can decide which one was better, your old perspective or the newer one. It helps. Trust me.

  • Doing this will let you dive into a world that’s opposite to what you’ve already known. Now your interest will pace up, and you will find yourself looking for excuses to read anything, books especially.

Now for the second one, If you have no prior experiences/ interests in reading books in general, then I would recommend you to give it a try, maybe you like it, perhaps not. I get it if you don’t. Everyone has different tastes in life, but the funny thing is, there’s one for everyone, an infinite amount of genres. The world of books is vast and full of perks. Just Google the style of your choice, and hopefully, you’ll find the one. Just give it a go at least once. You’ve got nothing to lose buddy, Cheers!!🍻

H. Jones

H. Jones, Web Content Writer, San Antonio,

Answered on Apr 18, 2019

There are many ways to develop a habit of reading. One good way to develop a habit of reading is to read whenever there is a breaktime. When waiting at a doctor’s appointment or waiting for someone to join you at a restaurant, use that time to read. Another way would be to commit to reading a certain number of pages a day or for a certain period of time each day. For example, making a commitment to read a book at least 15 minutes a day.

This process can be facilitated if you also commit to reading before going to other forms of entertainment such as surfing the web or watching Netflix. Before going online or your smartphone for entertainment, first, go to reading books.

Another way would be to join a reading club where you meet regularly to discuss what you are reading this can motivate you to keep reading a book as time continues to pass.

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