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Do you want to be like Alexander the Great?

Asked by I. Klose, Last updated: Sep 30, 2019

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2 Answers

B. Denton

Who wants to travel all the world and capture all the moment in his camera.

B. DentonTraveler, journalism, Greater Manchester
Traveler, journalism, Greater Manchester

Answered on Sep 30, 2019

Based on a lot of things I have read about Alexander the Great, I think adopting some of his beliefs about life will be the right thing to do for me. Alexander the Great was a courageous person; he was a great conqueror. History says he was an intelligent king, one who led his people with wisdom.

The courageous aspect of his life is what I desire most. According to what I read, he inherited his father's throne when he was still young, but that couldn't stop him from eliminating his perceived enemies whom he thought would be a big threat to his kingdom. This is quite commendable; only a thinker would do this.

The fact that he conquered the empire of Persia, one of the strongest empires during that period, shows he was indeed a military genius. Another aspect of him I like is that he was a kind person. According to history, most times he would spare kings after he had conquered them and he would leave them to continue to rule their empires.


C. Wasek

Love to do some charity work. Have a passion for writing and do it in my spare time

C. WasekPhilanthropist, Post Graduate, Corpus Christi
Philanthropist, Post Graduate, Corpus Christi

Answered on Jan 22, 2019

Alexander the Great was an enigma in his time. When you think about him, you see confidence, a streak of ruthlessness, inspiration, a true leader. In his short lifetime, he was able to accomplish much more than many military greats in his day.

He was a ruler, fairly administering justice and law. He expanded the borders of his kingdom to greater heights, incorporating a number of domains into his own, than other kings before him.

But the real question is, would I want to be like Alexander the Great? The simple answer is YES. He had the world at his feet and promising life ahead of him. He was given the best of everything, including an education by the famous Aristotle. But more importantly, he put into action what a lot of others would not.

He chose to take a chance on conquering and expanding his kingdom. He brought innovation, art, and culture to new places. He is indeed a figure to be admired. Take the admiration one has for Alexander the Great and turn it to action. Instead of conquering nations, conquer tasks. Build mountains and forget the valleys.

Turning thoughts to actions, and continuing an education longed for or advancing in the degrees you already hold. His life was astounding, and there are many lessons to be gleaned from his golden, yet tragic life.


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