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Does agroforestry increase soil fertility?

Asked by K. Tanaka, Last updated: Feb 20, 2019

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M. Klose

M. KloseContent Writer, Oakland
Content Writer, Oakland

Answered on Feb 20, 2019

There are different studies that show why agroforestry is known to improve soil fertility. First of all, it makes sure that nutrients are cycled well which means that the soil usually ends up having more nutrients for the plants.

The arrangement of the shrubs, trees, and plants are also meant to reduce the possibility of soil erosion. This means that it will have the ability to reduce the loss of water, soil, and other nutrients that will be essential for the growth of plants.

There are different types of agroforestry system that may be done depending on the location where this will be done. This method should be done by professionals who have developed the skills needed for this over time.


J. connor

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J. connorContent Marketing executive, MA, Minsk,Poland
Content Marketing executive, MA, Minsk,Poland

Answered on Feb 08, 2019

When a farmer uses his land over and over again to grow crops, the soil will eventually become so infertile that it can’t grow anything. The soil will erode. Then the farmer must move from his farm. This can be costly. Agroforestry is a common practice for a farmer who wants to keep his farm for years and then pass it down to his children. Agroforestry is when the farmer grows trees and bushes around or near his main crops in order to produce better quality or more main crops. The reason for doing this is because it does increase the soil fertility. Otherwise, the farmer would have no reason to first purchase the trees and then use his farmland for other things.


R. Hazlewood

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R. HazlewoodSenior Executive, MBA, Louisville
Senior Executive, MBA, Louisville

Answered on Jan 22, 2019

Agroforestry promotes a more effective and efficient way of cycling of nutrients. It helps maintain or improve the soil fertility, it promotes soil conversation, it helps achieve sustainable production and reduce soil degradation.

Agroforestry also help prevent soil erosion caused by wind or water by reducing losses of water, soil material, organic matter and nutrients.

All of these benefits add up to increase the fertility of soil, which in turn yields more products.


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