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How special children should be treated?

Asked by Susan Moore, Last updated: Oct 29, 2018

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Susan Moore

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Susan Mooresusanmoore, PHD, Florida
susanmoore, PHD, Florida

Answered on Oct 29, 2018

Why a child is hyperactive? Susana Gonzalez believes that these kids have too much energy and are not able to channel it. He explains in an interesting interview.

Traditional medicine diagnosed children such as ADHD, hyperactivity or conduct disorders. But what’s behind these diagnoses? Is it normal for a child to get energized meet the teacher for more than four hours, sitting in a chair? Children need to burn off their energy, channel it. A child with more energy than normal must channel it and manage it much better than another that has a lower energy level.

The sanergía is a technique that aims to rebalance our energies. Susana Gonzalez is sanergista and support, free of charge, to children with hyperactivity. She herself explains what this technique.

Having faced this desease, children are unable to study but there is still no reason for disappointment,essay homework help serve each student best.

Free sessions sanergia you advertise are part of the phrase: “sanergistas not cure the disease, heal people.” What is sanergia?
Sanergía is a technique that, through the use of energy and the awakening of our consciousness helps us rebalance our energy field, to be recovering our health, stabilize emotions, to change our attitudes and limiting beliefs and, above all, to evolve as people, every day.
With treatment by sanergía we become more aware of everything that is happening in our lives and, along with the use of energy, we can transform and correct all those situations that are impeding progress, diseases, fears and insecurities, self-esteem issues addiction, depression, etc..
This is why we say that we deal with healing the person, to find and understand the root of the problem. The medicine would take care to mitigate the effects of the disease.

What is a sanergista?
A sanergista is a vibrational therapist trained and certified to carry out this discipline. It is quite possible that a sanergista also are qualified to practice other disciplines vibrational, such as reflexology, reiki, naturopathy …

How can you help the children sanergía?
Children enjoy a lot of these energies, are very perceptive and pass it great. For me it’s a gift to work with them and my consultations are free for children.

For sanergista, are there children “hyperactive”?
Treatment often hyperactive children or their parents behaviors considered different or unusual. Since the late 80s, all born after that date have the indigo frequency. This new vibration, which is already implicit in them, baffles many parents. Therefore, more and more those who want to treat their children with sanergía, they are our future. Normal children is no longer fit the old paradigm, we have much to learn from them and their needs.

Traditional medicine for ADHD is a psychiatric disorder. How do you define a sanergista? Do you agree with these psychiatric labels?
I do not agree at all. For us just about children and youth with special skills and should be treated as such. This so dehumanized society needs new minds and consciences full of love and peace that can bring more light to this planet.

“Daddy, no drugs, please.” It’s another of the phrases that are present in the brochure of the sessions. Do you think medical unconsciously children? Why?
We know from the media, parents’ associations and schools, and by word of mouth that this is a situation to the agenda.


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