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What meiosis phase is this?

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Asked by Doofy, Last updated: Jun 24, 2019

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E. Barnes

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E. BarnesProfessional Gamer, Professional Gamer, Washington
Professional Gamer, Professional Gamer, Washington

Answered on Jun 23, 2019

The correct answer to this question is Telophase II. This is the fourth step of meiosis, and the primary occurrence during this phase is when a cell divides. During this step, the chromosomes reach opposite poles. When they reach the opposite poles, cytokinesis occurs. During this phase, four haploid daughter cells are produced, as well as nuclear envelopes.

When crossing over occurs, chromosomes may have segments of their parent chromosomes. Once the phase ends, the two cells are separated. Their separation forms nuclear membranes. Then, meiosis is completed. There is telophase that is in mitosis, but it occurs before telophase II.


C. Perez

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C. PerezWriter, Writer, Cleveland
Writer, Writer, Cleveland

Answered on Jun 18, 2019

Telophase II is the fourth step of meiosis II, which is the step in which the chromosomes reach opposite poles and cytokinesis transpires. The two cells are produced through meiosis I, divide to form 4 haploid daughter cells, and nuclear envelopes form. When telophase II is over, the two cells are entirely separated, and their atomic membranes are fully developed; therefore, meiosis is then complete. Meiosis is a reproductive cell division because it gives rise to gametes.

The resulting cells following meiosis contain one half the number of the chromosomes in the parent cell. That is because the parent's cell undergoes two divisions. Telophase is the final stage of cell separation, and during telophase, the nuclear envelope restructures around the new nuclei located in each half of the separating cell. Telophase begins as anaphase ends.




Answered on Oct 03, 2018

Telophase II

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