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What was the importance of Hammurabi`s code?

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Asked by Daniela_, Last updated: Feb 25, 2020

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J. Harty

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Answered May 17, 2019

Hammurabi’s code is the code of Babylonian Law, which was formulated in 1700 B.C. The code was as relevant to the Babylonians as the laws that were enforced for the first time. The system of Hammurabi was more critical to biblical archeologists, and the regulations appear to be like the Mosaic law. Hammurabi’s code of law represented the laws that were listed in the ancient Mesopotamian society.

It was a list of both laws and punishments. The file was so important that even the King did not have the authority to change the rules. The code was written in Akkadian language and is also available to this day on display in the Louvre in Paris.




Answered Sep 10, 2018

1st written code of laws