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Is Ramsay's 'Uncharted' being a rip-off of 'Parts Unknown' the reason for the recent backlash?

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j. Goodman

J. Goodman, Web Content Writer, San Antonio

Answered on Aug 31, 2018

There are some people who say that Ramsay’s new show called Uncharted is somewhat similar to Parts Unknown. The main difference is the hosts. Bourdain is known for his natural curiosity about the culture and the food that he will eat. In Ramsay’s new show, he would be testing the new cuisine and he would cook his own tried and tested classics just to see if people from that country will also like it.

There is a lot of backlash with the show even though it has not even aired yet. It seems that the show will only be a hit if Ramsay would be able to show a personality that is pleasant especially to the people from various countries that he will meet.


Knowledge Enthusiast, Knows A Lot of Stuff.

J.Spencer, Knowledge enthusiast, Tokyo

Answered on Jul 31, 2018

We can’t say for sure, but the show’s basic premise as explained by National Geographic is Ramsay having a friendly cook-off with local chefs in lesser-known parts of the world. The concept is similar to late-chef Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. In Parts Unknown, Bourdain traveled to different albeit unknown parts of the world to try their culinary specialties.

Calling Ramsay’s new show, a rip-off, is not exactly right. The backlash is not due to the concept of the show is similar to Parts Unknown. The part that made people angry is the press release that said “pitting his interpretations of regional dishes against the tried-and-true classics.”

People don’t believe that Ramsay has the right to change classic cuisines and tell locals how their food should be made. We all are aware of Ramsay’s reputation as a chef and his constant verbal abuse.

People think that Ramsay teaching locals their food is “culturally insensitive and unnecessary.” After reading the press release, one can assume that Gordon will tell locals that “he can cook their cuisines better than they can.”

National Geographic has replied saying that their press release was taken out of context and that the upcoming show is about celebration and exploration. Let us give them the benefit of the doubt and judge the show only after it gets released. The PR team’s marketing was a horrendous mistake. Maybe Gordon will not be his usual self(pun intended) in this show.

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