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Which are the most eaten food items worldwide?

Which are the most eaten food items worldwide?

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5 Answers

omae wa mou shindeiru

Omae wa mou shindeiru

Answered on Nov 28, 2018

Mcdonalds and other fat food. people eat junk food a lot.

Santanu Kundu

Santanu Kundu

Answered on Nov 26, 2018

The most consumed food in the world is french fries and burger.

ogmech ling

Ogmech ling

Answered on Aug 31, 2018

I feel like people eat fruit, salads, vegetables, sandwichs, yogurt, and mcdonalds stuff. I mainly eat all of that except mcdonalds

S. Nicole

Content Writer, Teacher

S. Nicole, Wordsmith, PG In Journalism, New York

Answered on Aug 14, 2018

You might be mulling over and over that bread and cheese are the most consumed food in the world. Undoubtedly, both are consumed a great deal however, these are not the most popular food items worldwide.

The five most consumed foods worldwide today are as follows:

  1. French Fries: Yes, you heard right! French Fries has occupied the top position worldwide. Potatoes, cut in long and thin pieces, with a seasoning of Ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise on it. Their names can vary from country to country ( e.g. finger chips or french fried potatoes) but are made with the same idea. People love to have it with a cold drink or soda.

  2. Hotdog: It’s a typical American food which consists of long bread, catchup, sausage, and mustard. Its availability, low prices, and delicious taste have made it more popular throughout the world. It is named due to its similarity of a basset dog, a breed dog from Germany.

  3. Sandwich: That’s my favorite too! The sandwich is a unique dish that offers millions of combinations across the globe. Mostly people like bread with a little amount of cheese and ham only. The best part of these sandwiches, you can mix healthy ingredients like tomato, cabbage, pickles, and even barbecue. That’s really amazing!

  4. Yogurt: With low calories, it has occupied the fourth position among the most eaten foods worldwide. Being a healthy option, Yogurt proffers a wide range of combinations with other low-calorie ingredients.

  5. Milkshakes and Ice-creams: Is there anyone who doesn’t like milkshakes and ice-creams? Probably not! These can please kids too. You can easily find an ice-cream shop near you in every nook and corner of the world. People like to have it even in extreme cold seasons.

K. Myers

K. Myers, Blogger, Chicago

Answered on Jun 25, 2018

It is surely bread? since biblical times, bread has been our staple in the western world, but in the far east I dare say the most eaten food item would have to be rice. Perhaps you mean the most eaten processed item, not that plucked from the earth.

Otherwise, potatoes, soyabeans, cassava would be cited by other countries where bread is not depended upon. The most bought food item would be an interesting study, after bread. Perhaps this would be cheese but this would differ if most bought cooked food item were examined. That might be chicken or bacon, but many would say burgers.

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