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Is E3 a fun event to attend?

Is E3 a fun event to attend?

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Asked by E. Barnes, Last updated: Dec 18, 2019

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J. Shatner

J. Shatner, Content writer, Boston

Answered Aug 06, 2018

E3 is a convention which show cases the new games that are about to be released. You can get to experience these games first hand and play them for yourself so that you can easily understand what the games are about. It also gives you a prerelease experience of the game so that you can decide whether you like it or not.

For gamers it certainly is an amazing and fun event. The event has been in place since the big games started coming out. The convention allows you to experience the video game industry all in one place, which is a dream for many gamers.


H. Martin

H. Martin, Content Writer, Charlotte

Answered Aug 02, 2018

You can certainly bet that E3 is a very fun event to attend. It is here where event attendees will be able to see and play first hand some of the newer games that are coming out by all of the major gaming consoles and solutions. E3 is always a place where developers are able to showcase some of their new games and some of the new hardware and devices that are coming to the home gaming industry.

E3 has been a place where some of the biggest games that have ever been released were first shown to the gaming audience. A big thing at E3 is how innovative and creative that companies havecome with their display booths.

All in all, E3 is a fun event to attend because there are very few places in the world where one will be able to come together with so many of the industry big wigs when it comes to thevideo gaming world. If you are a gamer you can certainly bet that you would have all kinds of fun if you ever attended an E3 convention.


j. Goodman

J. Goodman, Web Content Writer, San Antonio

Answered Jun 22, 2018

I imagine E3 is a fun event to attend. I have never attended it but I have read about it. Just in case you’re not familiar with E3 it is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, typically held annually at the Los Angeles, California, Convention Center. It can be compared to Comic-Con International.

At E3, virtually all the major electronic game developers along with the independent companies that can afford to buy space, are present. The purpose is to highlight and promote the next generation of their games, or unveil new games for retailers, investors, and journalists. So, how could a gaming convention not be fun?


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