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Volcanic Eruptions

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1.  What is the outside layer of the earth called?
2.  What is an opening in Earth's surface through which lava, hot gases, and rock fragments erupt?
3.  What is the name of magma that has escaped onto Earth's surface
4.  This is where the volanic materials that erupt are stored?
5.  What two things burst through an opening in the top of the volcano
6.  What is a thick liquid that flows out of the volcanoes called?
7.  How can lava affect rocks
8.  What are the 3 main layers of earth?
9.  Which is thicker, the continental crust or the crust beneath the ocean?
10.  How thick is the mantle
11.  What is the outer core made of?
12.  What is the inner core made of?
13.  Hot melted rock within the earth is called?
14.  Why does magma rise slowly through the mantle?
15.  What happens as magma in a magma chamber forces its way up thru weak spots of the crust
16.  What might happen if the central vent of a volcano becomes blocked
17.  What forms the black sand beaches of Hawaii
18.  The earth's crust is made of about how many sections of solid rock, each of which is called a plate
19.  Why does the earth's picture change
20.  The plates that cover the earth are between how may kilometers thick?
21.  In a convection current, ___________ material rises, while ____________ material sinks
22.  What happens when a hot spot stays put but the plate above it keeps moving
23.  What might happen to the new volcano Loihi, near the Hawaiin Islands
24.  There are about how many active volcanoes?
25.  What is the ring of fire and which plate does it surround?
26.  The sliding of one plate under another is called what?
27.  What is happening to the floor of the Atlantic Ocean due to movement of the plates under the ocean?
28.  How does the great pressure of the ocean water change the rising magma?
29.  Describe how volcanoes form.
30.  How is it different when a volcano erupts under water as opposed to when it erupts above ground?
31.  Describe the four different ways the Earth's plates move
32.  What is the Ring of Fire and where is it located
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