Connective Tissue Quiz

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Quiz on connective tissue and functions

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1.  What are the four main classes of connective tissue 
2.  How are the function related to the classes of the connective tissue 
3.  What  are some of the common characteristics pf connective tissue
4.  What are the 3 main elements of c.t. 
5.  Explain ground substance
6.  What is the composition of the ground substance 
7.  What is the function of cell adhesion proteins 
8.  Glycosaminoglycans do what
9.  What are the GAGS role
10.  What is the role of the fibers in the c.t.
11.  What are the types of fibers in c..t.
12.  Describe collagen fibers
13.  Describe elastic fibers 
14.  Describe reticular fibers
15.  What are the two types of cells
16.  Describe the cells with the suffix blast 
17.  What are the primary blast cell types by connective tissue class 
18.  When the blast cells assume a less active state, what is the suffix
19.  What do the mature cells do
20.  Describe mast cells 
21.  Contents of the secretory granules 
22.  Describe macrophages 
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