Chapter 8 Muscular System Medical Terminology Test (4 Ross)

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Muscular System Quizzes & Trivia
Listed below are all of the highlighted words needed for the the medical terminology test on the Muscular System. Test Date 12/10/09. This is a GREAT way to learn/check your seplling, if your spelling is wrong, the answer is wrong :)

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1.  To make  a  new opening into the colon.Creating of the new opening between colon and abdominal wall
2.  Partially digested contesnts of the stomach are called
3.  Med term for liver
4.  Inflammation of the Pancreas is known as
5.  Study of movement is
6.  Excision of the gallbladder 
7.  The  words kinesi/o, and kinesia; kinesis all pertain to/ mean what?
8.  The duodenum, jejunm and ileum  make up the __________________ intestines
9.  Inflammation of the gallbladder
10.  Medical term for gallbladder
11.  Inflammation of the gallbladder is called
12.  Med term for colon
13.  Inflammation of the colon is known as
14.  Med term for small intestine; intestine
15.  Visual exam of the colon
16.  Inflammation of the stomach is known as
17.  Algia means
18.  Hamstrings are found where in the body?
19.  Med term for  stomach
20.  Upper arm muscle is called
21.  Inflammation of the stomach and intestine
22.  Inflammation of the liver is called
23.  Create a new opening is (suffix)
24.  Med term for thigh muscle
25.  Med term for the shoulder
26.  Med term for back
27.  Med term for muscle
28.  Muscul/o means
29.  Med term for any muscular disease
30.  Chronic muscle pain is known as
31.  Ten/o and tendin/o are medical terms for a __________________
32.  Inflammation of a tendon
33.  Tenotomy is cutting of a _____________________
34.  Med term for tone; tension
35.  Med term for  cutting of a tendon
36.  The surgical removal of the gallbladder
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