Chapter 4 History Test Ancient Greece

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Greece Quizzes & Trivia
A quiz on Greece from the Minoan civilization up to Alexander the Great.

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Questions and Answers

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  • 1. 
    What seas surround Greece?

  • 2. 
    Greece is about....(square miles)

  • 3. 
    Why were mountains important in how Greek cultures developed?

  • 4. 
    The first Greek civilization was...

  • 5. 
    The Minoans were located in present day...

  • 6. 
    What caused the collapse of the Cretan Empire?

  • 7. 
    The Mycenaean people were part of the...

  • 8. 
    The three causes of Mycenaean destruction are...

  • 9. 
    The period from 1100BC to 750BC is called the dark ages because...

  • 10. 
    The acropolis is...

  • 11. 
    They were slaves in Athens.

  • 12. 
    The Greeks expanded into present day...

  • 13. 
    Sparta was a/an.....state

  • 14. 
    What was the cause of the Persian wars?

  • 15. 
    The Athenians first beat the Persians at....

  • 16. 
    The Persians came back at...

  • 17. 
    The Persians came back and fought 7,000 soldiers that held them off for 2 days at...(correct spelling)

  • 18. 
    After the Persians sacked Athens, the Greeks got the largest army they formed so far and defeated the Persians at....

  • 19. 
    In the Peloponnesian War, what caused the Athenians to finally surrender after 25 years of fighting?

  • 20. 
    Philip II was?

  • 21. 
    Alexander was?

  • 22. 
    Alexander defeated the Persians at Issus and by 332BC conquered...

  • 23. 
    In 331BC Alexander defeated the Persians at...

  • 24. 
    Alexander wanted to conqueror India but his soldiers...

  • 25. 
    Alexander died in.... at the age of....

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