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This quiz allows you to practice your knowlege of cell organelles. A score of 16/20 or higher is required to pass.

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1.  What is a system of internal membranes covered with ribosomes?  It collects proteins and moves them through the cell.
2.  What are organelles that contain digestive enzymes, and break down worn out cell parts?
3.  What are short hair-like structures that protrude from the surface of some eukaryotic cells and can propel the cells through the water?
4.  What organelle consists of flattened membrane bound sacs that serve as a packaging and distribution center for the cell?  Proteins are modified here and packaged into vesicles for transport.
5.  What cell structure is the site of protein synthesis?
6.  What is a structure found in the nucleus that produces parts of ribosomes?
7.  What organelles found in plant cells converts sunlight into sugar? It is the site of photosynthesis?
8.  What are long thread-like structures that protrude from the cell membrane of some cells enabling movement?
9.  What surrounds the cell and regulates what enters and leaves the cell?  It is found in all cell types.
10.  What is a double layer of membrane that surrounds the nucleus?
11.  What is an internal network of membrane that produces lipids?
12.  What are all of the contents of a cell, including the cytosol and organelles?
13.  What is a large membrane bound space inside a plant cell that stores water called?
14.  What is a rigid structure made of cellulose that surrounds plant cells?
15.  What is the combination of DNA and protein found in the nucleus?
16.  What provides the internal structure of a cell?  It is made of three types of protein fibers, and helps move organelles throughout the cell.
17.  What are the small membrane bound sacs that transport substances throughout cells.  They transport the proteins from the RER to the Golgi Apparatus
18.  What organelle is the site of cellular respiration?  It harvests energy from organic molecules and makes ATP for use by the cell.
19.  What are openings in the membrane surrounding the nucleus that allow materials like RNA to pass into and out of the nucleus?
20.  What organelle is surrounded by a double layer of membrane, houses the DNA and acts as the cell's control center?
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