Herbs: Latin names and family

This set covers 34 herbs. You will learn their Latin names and which family they belong to. This set is great for memorizing for tests.

CLEP American History II 1867-Present

The History of the United States II: 1865 to the Present CLEP covers what is typically taught in the second of a two-semester course. The exam covers material from the end of the Civil War to the present.The exam is timed and limited to 90 minutes with around 120 questions. There may be some pretest...

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Cells:Microscopes Topicsdrafttestingon trial periodanother topic and another topicTags: tag word   tag word   tag word  etc etc etc tag word   tag word   tag word  etc etc etc tag word   tag word   tag word&nbs...


this is a flashcard set which can be used by anyone.This can be helpful in your exam preparation.

Random NCLEX Notes

Knowing exactly what to study is the hardest part of getting ready for the your nursing test and or the NCLEX. I have taken the time out to provide my own personal notes. The notes are random yet helpful just in case a person should come across these topics on a test. 

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Middle School NGSS: Physical Science

Basic Knowledge of Middle School NGSS Physical Science Standards.

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GRE Psychology Subject Test: Sensory and Perception

This flashcard set includes important information that appears on the GRE Psychology Subject Test in the Sensory and Perception section.

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Untitled Flashcard

Salutare,Numele meu este Nicuşor, iar misiunea mea este să îţi ofer uneltele pentru a învăţa limbi străine eficient şi să te ghidez pe parcursul drumului.Vorbesc 3 limbi străine, printre care: franceză (avansat - C1), engleză (mediu - B2) şi spaniolă (mediu - B1).Locuie...

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Real Estate Terms

Terms needed to develop and build on your real estate knowledge.

Accounting Definitions Letters A-Z (316) Flashcard E-Course

Accounting definitions complete summary of flash cards starting with the letters A through Z to help you learn bookkeeping and financial terms. Can be used as a study guide by students for school exams, as a tool for teachers to hand out to students, for potential employees to help prepare for ...