MODULE 3: Handwriting Analysis
This is the third lesson for the Forensic Science 4-U crime scene: The Case of the Ransom Note. This is Module 3 out of 10.
Students will discover how to use the scientific method to perform a criminal investigation, as well as, how to use math and science skills as a crime scene investigator. Students will use deductive and inductive reasoning skills as they learn to examine physical evidence from crime scene: The Case of the Ransom Note.

Course Objectives:
The students will:
Learn the role of forensic scientist and detectives, and how they investigate a crime scene. Learn how to collect and graph data, analyze data in charts, and draw conclusions. Learn how to recognize correlations in data, and create linear equations based upon any correlation. Learn to use deductive reasoning skills and the scientific method to solve problems in crime scene scenarios. Course Credit Option
The intended audience is Middle and High School students, grades 8th to 12th. There are 10 online lessons called Modules. This is Module 3 out of 10. The average student spends about 4-5 hours per week on each module, or 60-75 hours for the entire course. Based on hours alone, Forensic Science 4-U qualifies as a one-semester, stand-alone science elective, separate from other science credits.
If the student uses the optional Forensic Science: Fundamentals and Investigations,  textbook by Anthony J. Bertino, and completes the assignments in the book in one semester, it can be considered a 1-credit science elective.
Lab Activities
The hands-on laboratory activities are optional. Every Module will have a suggested lab activity from the textbook: Forensic Science: Fundamentals and Investigations. Each lab requires the students to purchased the materials for the activity. Lab materials can be purchase from a variety of sources.
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How is Handwritng Analyzed?

The Case of the Ransom Note