Certificate Course in COVID-19 Medical Coding and Billing -2021

Get the latest COVID-19 training and medical coding education regarding Coronavirus COVID-19 Coding training course cover new COVID-19 ICD-10-CM/PCS codes, Telehealth, Modifiers, FAQ advice, treatments, COVID-19 vaccines, and other CMS-targeted COVID-19 Coding training topics. The Certifie...

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كيف تلتقي بحبيب عمرك و شريك حياتك؟

أهلا بك في برنامج   كيف تلتقي بحبيب عمرك و شريك حياتك لست هنا بمحض الصدفة بل لأن هناك ما دفعك لتصفح محتويات هذا الكورس أو لأن هناك تساؤلات بداخلك تبحثي عن إجابة...

Commercial Mechanical Internship

This class was developed to satisfy the 40-hour course requirement for the Florida internship program. This class will also assist you in passing the Commercial Mechanical (ICC M2), as well as the Plan Review (ICC M3) exam.

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2020 Test Taking Made Easy

Add description here...

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Electrical Codes and Standards

The National Electrical Code® (NEC®) shall be used in conjunction with other codes and standards when designing and installing electrical systems if they are to be considered safe, dependable, and reliable. This course discusses such codes and standards and outlines how they are utilized wit...

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There are three currents that must be determined before designing and selecting the elements to make up circuits supplying power to motors. The first current that must be found is the full-load amps (FLA) from Table 430.248 for single-phase motors and Table 430.250 for three-phase moto...

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2021 NFPA 70E Code Changes

As in the past, the changes that have been made to the newest edition of the NFPA 70E have been numerous and, as always, prompted a need for a publication that not only designates these changes in a well-designed format, but provides a detailed and visually accepted presentation for the easy compreh...

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2020 National Electrical Code Changes

Grayboy has consistently proven itself to be the most innovative and responsive training organization of codes and standards in the electrical industry. GBs online training dramatically improves the student’s visual perception and retention of the material. Thousands of individuals and nu...

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Course 2 ( 60 days )

​In this course we will learn - -Voice exersices ( Alankara  2), -A Medley of prayers, -A very lively song that I have composed for my children which is called ' Duniya - Duniya' - Plus some quizzes and games to make concepts thorou...

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Course 1 ( 60 days )

​In this module over a period of 2 months we will learn -     - A voice exercise ( Alankar) - The Ramayana   - Rap with Dhrupad    

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