Welcome to the Marriage.com Marriage Course! This course is designed to help you build a happier, healthier marriage and relationship. In this course, we will learn about having shared goals, compassion, communication, intimacy, and traditions. These elements will help you will build a stronger marriage.

This course is for anyone who is looking to invest in their relationship and improve their marriage. This online course is also designed for married couples that are struggling to make their marriage work. If you feel disconnected and frustrated about the state of your marriage but want to avoid separation and/or divorce, then this course is an excellent resource to help you make positive change and learn new skills to overcome the most challenging aspects of being married.

No matter what the state of your relationship is, this course will help you to build a healthier happier marriage.

Table of Contents

Marriage Traditions



Course Overview

This course is designed to help you build a happier, healthier marriage and relationship. In this course, we're going to cover the following topics: 

  • Shared Goals: having shared dreams and goals can cement your relationship.
  • Compassion: learning compassion for your partner and yourself can smooth even the roughest patches.
  • Communication: possibly the most critical element of a relationship is strong communication.
  • Intimacy: don't let desire wither on the vine! Keep your marriage intimate.
  • Marriage Traditions: build some traditions together to create a strong sense of family.