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Listen in to your fellow Eagala colleagues engaging in a mentoring session! This webinar focuses on an overview of Eagala Model skillsets. Rather than mentoring an individual or team, in this webinar we practice with some case scenarios recognizing when Eagala skillsets are being applied not as effe...

Build Your Business Survival Toolkit

Hi Eagala members, please make sure to watch this webinar prior to using the new Eagala Member Content Library (found in My Eagala - Resources) - this will introduce it, instructions on what it is, and how to use it for effectively marketing your programs!  Webinar by Lee Aldridge, Eaga...

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Equine Specialist: 9-25

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Equine Specialist: Part 3

Equine Specialists in Eagala Model programs are responsible to manage many different roles and responsibilities. Led by Amy Blossom Lomas, the Equine Specialist Webinar Series explores the many roles of an equine specialist in an Eagala program. The first webinar introduced general topics related to...

Equine Specialist: Roles, Boundaries, and Ethical ...

Eagala trainers and Equine Specialist Professionals, Amy Blossom Lomas (Illinois) and Randy Mandrell (Texas), discuss the foundations of being an effective ES Professional in the Eagala Model.   Topics include qualifications, roles, responsibilities, horses and ethics. ...