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No matter what you do, you should never think something is more important than your health. A lot of things in life are can be easily repaired, but when it comes to health, things are not that easy. In order to help you gain a better understanding of this subject and everything concerned with it, we thought of introducing our own health flashcards, with all kinds of questions regarding different aspects.

Look at these samples, if you want to see what we mean. Instead of a policy, those covered by Group Insurance receive what? What is the Grace Period when premium is paid monthly? Notice of Claim must be provided within a period of how many days? See all of the other questions in our health trivia.

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Health Flashcards

  • Side A: Health Promotion and the School-Age Child: Bicycle Safety
    Side B: - Ensure chlid wears helmet and/or pads when bycycling

  • Side A: Acute and Infectious Respiratory Illnesses: RSV
    Side B: - RSV is more common during winter and spring - Recommend parens use a cool-air vaporizer to provide humidity - Suggest child rest during febrile illness - Instruct parents to assist children to maintain adequate fluid intake -Limit use of nose drops or sprays - Apply an ice bag or heating pad to the neck to decrease pain from enlarged cervical nodes

  • Side A: Skin Infections and Infestations: Preventing the Spread of Pinworms
    Side B: - Use proper hand hygiene - Avoid sharing clothing, hats, combs, brushes, and/or towels - Keep the child from touching the affected area by using distractions - Clean surfaces that might be harboring causative  agents including bed linens, clothing, and furniture

  • Side A: Forward Lavatory
    Side B: Waste flaps retractTwo placards: No Smoking and Federal law provides for penalty...Smoke detector: present and secureF/A call button is workingLavatory lights and no smoking lights are illuminated

  • Side A: Forward interphone
    Side B: ATTD button is operationalPA perform oral checkPILOT button is operationalEMER PILOT button is operational

  • Side A: Forward Jumpseat
    Side B: Seat retracts automaticallySeatbelt/shoulder harness are operationalHeadrest is intact

  • Side A: stress
    Side B: the mental and physical condition that occurs when a person must adjust or adapt to the environment includes negative stress such as marital and financial problems but also eustress good stress

  • Side A: general adaptation syndrome (GAS)
    Side B: Hans Selye series of bodily reactions to prolonged stress occurs in three stages ALARM REACTION, RESISTANCE, EXHAUSTION

  • Side A: alarm reaction
    Side B: first stage of GAS during which bodily resources are mobilized to cope with a stressor

  • Side A: addiction
    Side B: The state of physical or psychological dependence on a substance that develops when that substance is used over a period of time.

  • Side A: alcoholism
    Side B: The state of physical addiction to alcohol that manifests through such symptoms as stereotyped drinking, drinking to maintain blood alcohol at a particular level, increasing frequency and severity of withdrawal, drinking early in the day and in the middle of the night, a sense of loss of control over drinking, or a subjective craving for alcohol.

  • Side A: behavioural inoculation  
    Side B: A concept, developed for smoking interventions and similar in rationale to inoculation against disease, that suggests that exposure to a weak version of a persuasive message may help to develop counterarguments against that message so that a stronger form of that message can be successfully resisted.