Our business customers range from industries such as finance, construction, manufacturing, banking, medical, hospitality, government and many more.


Our educational users are top universities, schools, colleges and individual teachers. Our product is used by pre-schools all the way to graduate programs and professional trainings.

What our customers think

  • Drive up traffic & website engagement
    ProProfs quiz maker is a great way to engage your visitors (most people will take the quiz, thus spend some time on your site and will be more willing to browse it further); Quizzes are greatly shared and can be used to drive up traffic
    Ann Smarty
    Ann Smarty,

    Editor Search Engine Journal

  • Everyone should give it a try!
    I am most impressed with the product. It is simple to use. Everyone should give it a try!
    Dan LaPasha
    Professor Daniel Stein,

    Director of Technology, Touro College

  • Ideal for the classroom
    ProProfs is an effective, highly functional, user friendly and convenient. I highly recommend it and found it ideal for the classroom, in both on-ground and online learning environments.
    Nance Rosen
    Nance Rosen,

    Faculty UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) extension

  • Create Flashcards For Facebook or Blog
    ProProfs lets you easily add a web flashcards to your website, blog or Facebook page. I used it for online market research and it generated valuable data & an ongoing conversation across platforms.
    Susan Emmer
    Susan Emmer,

    Startup Marketing and Branding Expert

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