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It is the basis of our society and it guarantees that all of our greatest pieces of knowledge are transmitted from one generation to another. Education, in many countries, is the most important thing on which the government focuses because it plays such an important role in development. Do you agree with us? Then maybe you would like to try out a couple of the samples before you go ahead with the trivia.

What is the name of the only non-Asian country which is ranked among the top five when it comes to education? Schooling usually begins with elementary/primary school, followed by middle/junior high school, represented by what US grades? The term education system generally refers to public schooling, not private schooling, and more commonly to kindergarten through what kind of programs? Find out more about education here.

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  • Side A: Which of the following statements best describes the role of the local school board?a. local school boards of education have retained a great deal of influence over the day-to-day operation of schoolsb. although they have the legal right to make decisions about the operation of public schools, school boards generally leave the day-to-day operation of schools to professional educators.c. the only area in which school boards directly influence day-to-day operation of schools is in the determination of curriculumd. school boards have basically become outdated, having only symbolic roles in public education
    Side B:  b

  • Side A: the shift from categorical grants to block grants in the 1980s resulted in:a. more funding for education from the federal levelb. funding decisions shifting from the federal level to the state levelc. more rules and regulations from the federal department of educationd. greater emphasis on funding specific federal programs
    Side B: b

  • Side A: given the history of federal funding of education, it is most accurate to say that:a. the federal government has never had a noticeable impacts on public schools through allocation of financial supportb. the federal government has always supported public education financially, but this has only recently been noticed because of budget cuts. c. federal funding of public education has generally been tied to special projects, special legislation, or issues of national concern such as desegregation and, more recently, academic achievementd. states have consistently been able to refuse federal financial support of public education rather than face the intrusion of the federal government in a state responsibility
    Side B: c

  • Side A: covered security
    Side B: is a security that is exempt from registration within a state.

  • Side A: The term SECURITY includes commonly known investment instruments:
    Side B: Stocks (including voting trust certificates and treasury stock) Bonds (issued by government entities and corporations, including debentures, collateral and equipment trust certificates, as well as Real Estate Investment Trust certificates and collateralized mortgage obligations) Notes and commercial paper Certificates of interest in profit-sharing agreements Participation interests in oil, gas, mining, lease, and/or real estate limited partnerships, including those with a rental pool Preorganization certificates or subscription agreements Certificates of deposit Options, warrants, or rights (to acquire a security) Variable annuity contracts Whiskey warehouse receipts Real estate condominiums and cooperatives if sold subject to a mandatory rental pool — limited partnerships Commodity options (option contracts to buy or sell currencies) Multilevel distributorships (certain merchandise marketing schemes) Interests in profit sharing agreements, such as oil, gas, and real estate (not the leases for the oil, but units in the partnership)

  • Side A: The term security does not include:
    Side B: Insurance contracts or endowment policies with fixed benefits Fixed annuities Keogh and IRA plans (retirement plans are not securities; however, the money invested in the plans may be used to purchase securities) Commodities futures contracts (note the difference between a futures contract and commodity option contracts. which are securities) Drilling leases

  • Side A: circadian rhythm
    Side B: rhythm that completes a full cycle every 24 hours; synonym for diurnal rhythm

  • Side A: delta sleep
    Side B: deep sleep, or slow-wave sleep, occurring during stage III and especially stage IV in NREM sleep

  • Side A: dyssomnias
    Side B: sleep disorders characterized by insomnia or excessive sleepiness

  • Side A: Ethics
    Side B: A set of principles prescribing behaviors that are morally correct

  • Side A: Example of ethics
    Side B: Researchers are obligated to follow code of ethics established by Americal Psychological Association

  • Side A: Critical incidents
    Side B: method, used by ethics committees, that surveys psychologists and asks for examples of unethical behavior by psychologists