Psychology-thinking, Language And Intelligence 101

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Psychology Quizzes & Trivia
Psychology containing the components of thinking language and intelligence.

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1.  The four areas that make up the mental process of cognition are
2.  The fact that we will seek out information to support our ideas and our ideas and beliefs only represents _____________  ______
3.  The process of problem solving that is very methodic and will eventually always lead to the answer is termed? _____________
4.  The process by which we take short cuts in our problem solving process by deductive reasoning is ____________
5.  The sudden realization of a solution to a problem is having ____________
6.  The process by which some events come to mind quicker and somewhat biased by property of availability is ______________   _______________
7.  The inability to see a problem from other points of view is _____________
8.  The tendancy to be more confident than correct is ______________________
9.  Posing an issue either positvely or negatively to gain a certain response is _____________
10.  Clinging to a belief and ignoring supported evidence against that belief is ______________   _____________
11.  A quick gut feeling is your _________________
12.  Spoken, signed and written word and they way we combine them to communicate is _______________
13.  Babies are receptive to language prior to being able to produce language?
14.  4 months = the ______________ stage
15.  12 months = the ______ _______ stage
16.  24 months = the _______ _______ stage also known as ___________ ___________
17.  Language developse quickly at this age and beyond __   _______+
18.  The ability to learn from experience, solve problems and use knowledge to adapt is ________________
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