Welcome to CST Students With Disabilities Sub Area 2 Workshop,
Touro College wants ALL to do well on the CST SWD Teaching Exam. Use the links and videos provided to assit you in making your choice.

Touro offers an Online/Blended program option in Education and Special Education in NY, NJ and CT as well as and Extensions and Annotations.

Many professors ask their students to take this exam and email results as part of their course grade The email will be found at the end of the exam. You may take this exam multiple times to improve your grade but the questions are randomized and will change.
~Good Luck
6 Questions
Professor Stein developed this Workshop for Touro College students to review and prepare for the NYS-TCE for Students With Disabilities exam. This is both a review, a training and a quiz.
All educators and students preparing for the exam are welcome to use this FREE preparation.
Good News- You can take the test multiple times.
Please know however that the questions are randomized, so that you will get different questions each time you take this exam.
Remember that you can come back to this site to review before you take the actual CST SWD Exam
This exam will be approximately 8 questions
Should you wish you can email comments to Professor Stein at the email below.

Good Luck,

Professor Daniel Stein

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