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1.  In 1932, ______________ was elected President of the United States.
2.  British economist _______________ argued that the Great Depression was a demand problem, not a supply problem.
3.  A ______________ is a period of low economic activity and rising unemployment.
4.  The prosperity of the West was brought to a halt in 1929 with the start of the __________ _________.
5.  Following the fall of Imperial Germany, a democratic state known as the __________ ___________ was created in Germany.
6.  __________ ____________ is the negotiation between unions and employers over wages and hours.
7.  When it became evident that Germany couldn't pay reparations, the _________ _________ was implemented to reduce the payments and coordinate the annual payments with Germany's ability to pay.
8.  In 1925, Germany, France, and Belgium all signed the Treaty of ____________, which many saw as the beginning of a new era of peace in Europe
9.  When Germany announced that they could no longer pay reparations, France responded by invading the __________ __________, Germany's chief mining and industrial center.
10.  The League of Nations was weakened by the fact that the _____________ did not join.
11.  The country most interested in a strict enforcement of the Treaty of Versailles was ___________.
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