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10th grade Biology test on Evolution

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1.  Tere are times and places when all 3 things required to maintain genetic equilibrium exist and evolution doesn't happen.
2.  Name 1 condition required to maintain genetic equilibrium under the Hardy-Weinberg Principle
3.  Traits that show stabalizing distribution and are determined by more than one gene are called
4.  ___________ structures come from the same embryonic tissue.
5.  Breeding cows that give the most milk or the fastest horses is an example of
6.  Name five kinds of evidenc that support Darwin's theory of evolution:
7.  Darwin's idea that each living species has descended with changes from other species over time is called
8.  The ability of an organism to survive in its environment is called
9.  Lamark proposed that organisms could alter the size or shape of their bodies through use or disuse and pass these traits on to their offspring. this idea is called
10.  Genetic Drift happens in populations that are
11.  Physical characteristics like walrus tusks and porcupine quills or behavioral characteristics like hibernating and living in herds are examples of inherited traits called ________ that help an organism to survive and reproduce in its environment.
12.  In addition to observing living organims, Darwin studied the preserved remains of ancient organisms called
13.  Name the island where Darwin observed finches, iguanas, and turtles that led to his Theory of Evolution.
14.  A well supported testable explanation of phenomena that have occurred in the natural world is called a
15.  The process in which organisms that are better suited to their environment survive and reproduce is called
16.  A ___________ consists of all the different alleles present in a population
17.  Which of the following is NOT part of Darwin's theory of evolution?
18.  _________ organs are reduced in size and no longer function
19.  Name the kind of macroevolution in which populations show a pattern of long stable periods interrupted by brief periods of rapid change.
20.  A situation in which allele frequencies change as a result of the migration of a small subgroup of the population is known as the
21.  Name the two scientists who came up with a mathematical equation to express the frequencies of alleles in a population
22.  Name the naturalist whose ideas about evolution were similar to Darwin's and who prompted Darwin to publish his book "On the Origin of Species"
23.  Another name for divergent evolution is
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