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Zoology Questions and Answers (Q&A)

John Adney
Answered: Jun 14, 2017
Phylum Porifera has a specialized cell for pulling food called Choanocyte cell

2 Answers

C. Bernthal, Teacher
Answered: Apr 09, 2019
A snail and a slug are not mammals and do not lay eggs. A snail is a mollusc. A mammal is warm-blooded, has hair at at least one point in their lives, can produce milk (female). A monkey is a...Read More

1 Answer

John Adney
Answered: Jun 29, 2017

Flower makes are life easy they give food to butterfly and we all love the butterfly.

1 Answer

John Adney
Answered: Sep 16, 2017

Why did you mark my answer wrong when seqquence was right?

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