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Zombie Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The award for the best zombie movie goes to The Night Of The Living Dead. This movie set off a hysteria for zombies, which has only grown over the past fifty years. Set in rural Pennsylvania, the film gave rise to the thought that no matter where you are, there is no escape from the horror that could possibly beset larger towns.

The Night Of The Living Dead was one of the scariest movies ever released. As an independent film, it had a very low budget, but George A. Romero did not let that stop him. This film is still listed as one of the scariest movies ever produced, and many who watch it admit that they cannot do so with the lights off. It is also not recommended to watch this movie alone. After the blockbuster release in 1968, five more films followed, and then in 1999, there was a fabulous remake, which also garnered enormous renown.

This is one of the original cult classic movies, and should you choose to watch it, be sure to have a trusted friend with you.

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While television and movies promote the idea that a zombie apocalypse could happen at any time, the reality is far different. I do not believe that we have any reason to fear any type of apocalypse from zombies. They are an invented being, and the sciences show us that there is no possible way that this will happen. The only apocalypse that we have to fear is the “zombie phone” apocalypse.

Medically, it would be a feat if someone could actually animate a corpse, as what we saw in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. However, the likelihood of this ever happening is astronomical. We have a better chance of taking a day trip to Mars than we do of seeing a zombie apocalypse. To walk through any city is to see people walking with their heads down, buried in their phones, texting while driving, or any other numerous scenarios - the phone is there, and in plain view. With zombies, we are safe from any thought of “attack” that could happen. The horror will be limited to the television and cinema for those who truly enjoy a great horror film.

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Both the WaltherP38 and Type 100 are not in nacht

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